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Organised Children’s Groups & Clubs

Nurseries, Scouting Groups, After-school Clubs, Pre-Schools, Playgroups, Mother & Baby Classes, and more

Tailored Musical Event within your Organised Setting (up to 8 years)

Whether your main objective is fun or learning, we can help! We can cater for ages up to 8 years old running bespoke interactive musical activity sessions.

We will come to your location and provide either a 45 min or 1 hour musical activity session for up to 30 children. There will be props, high energy dancing, the parachute and lots of bubbles. Depending on the age group we can incorporate Games, Dance Routines, Sing Alongs, and more.

Suitable for Groups and Clubs

  • Nurseries
  • Pre-Schools
  • After-School Club
  • Mums and Tots
  • Creches
  • Scouting Groups (up to 8 years of age)
  • Playgroups
  • and so many more
Burning Questions
Burning Questions

We have more than 30 children in our group, can you still entertain for us?
Yes absolutely.  Just let us know your requirements and we will do our very best to cater to your needs. (There may be a slight price increase in the event we need 2 session leaders.)

How much space do you need?
Please ensure there is enough space for the children to spread out and dance! We have parachutes in a number of sizes, so if your space is limited, please let us know at the time of booking.

Do we need to provide anything?
We will bring all our kit with us! You don’t need to provide anything other than the participants and the space!

Can you run a group outside?
We are totally portable and can run sessions from anywhere! Please ensure though, if it is a public space that you have the relevant permissions in place and access to electricity.


45mins – £60
1 hour – £80

How to Book
How to Book

Please click the link below to fill in the party enquiry form.

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