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Music and Mobility

Musical Activities for the Elderly and those living with Dementia

Music and Mobility for Seniors

Energetic, joyful, interactive music, movement and mobility for Seniors and those living with Dementia

Feel-good music, movement and dance, packed with classic sing along songs. Activities are carefully designed to encourage movement and to trigger memories. A variety of props are available to support the activities.

All abilities are catered for. Ragdolly Annas events can take place in care home settings or at outreach centres for weekly, monthly or single bookings.

Music as Therapy

More UK Care Homes are realising that their residents benefit greatly from music in many unexpected ways. Feedback from Ragdolly Annas sessions in care situations, speak of the overall benefits like improved general cognition, emotional boosts in mood and less depression, plus a sudden interest in engaging and singing along. Clients appear more alert, happier and had higher recall of past personal history. Some, who would not talk at all were found to suddenly sing along to a song, recalling all the words.

For people living with dementia, music is a necessity. It neurologically stimulates multiple parts of the brain at once, including areas among the last to be affected by dementia.
It is person-centred, enabling and empowering.

Elderly group singing and having fun
On the Day - What to Expect
What to expect on the Day

No equipment needed, we bring everything with us.

Participants will initially be seated, ideally in a circle, with room to dance in the middle. There is no limit on numbers, but please let us know if you expect more than 15 participants.

Our team will introduce themselves to every person individually whilst handing out props like scarves, tapping sticks and pom-poms.

We will encourage those who are able to get up, to join in and dance, and direct those who aren’t, (or don’t want to), how to move their bodies to the music.

There is an opportunity for participants to make musical requests, to get up and have a dance, or to just sit and watch.

All Ragdolly Annas team members are fully vaccinated, will wear face shields if required within the setting, hold enhanced DBS certificates and are PLI insured.

  • 45 Minutes – £60
  • 60 Minutes – £80
How to Book
Care Homes

Please contact Anna for more information on 07989 71 37 45 or email info@ragdollyannas.com

Music and Dementia: Research Infographic
Collage of photos taken during a musical activity at a Carehome with Dementia


Memory Group:

It was marvellous. Lisa is incredibly energetic and fit (she needs to be) …and without the inhibitions which restrain so many of the rest of us.
She had five members up dancing, and 2 of us volunteers; everyone else was actively involved too but not quite extrovert enough to leave their seats; music requests were encouraged and particularly from a couple of other key members who wouldn’t be able to dance. 

The music was lively, I liked all the music equipment provided, and the whole session was clearly enjoyed by everyone present. A great success.

Age UK - Northants

The team are so interactive with our clients and get them all engaged into the activity. Clients who struggle to interact were singing and smiling along to their old classic songs. It was a joy to watch. Clients who were very shy even joined in. After seeing the impact, it made on our clients especially clients with dementia, we decided to set up a more permanent sessions not only for our Towcester clients but also for our Northampton Centres.

Over the weeks Lisa built a real connection and got to know all our clients’ favourites and tailored all the sessions around the clients that were in that day even accommodated some last-minute requests. Our clients look forward to the visits from Ragdolly Annas and so do the team (as Lisa always gets them joining in and dancing… it really is for everyone).

Courtney Lodge Care Home

I’m the Activities Coordinator at a care home for people living with dementia and we’ve had the ladies from Ragdolly Annas deliver several “any age” music and movement sessions for us now. These sessions have been hugely popular with our residents, and it has been wonderful to see people having so much fun. Engagement has been really high, with lots of dancing, singing, foot-tapping, smiling and laughing. The ladies have been brilliant at interacting with our residents, and have been eager to learn more about dementia.

I would definitely recommend Ragdolly Annas. We currently have them on a monthly basis, and would have them more often if we could!